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The Amyco Combination Door

The Ultimate Energy Saving Solution

The Amyco Combination Door incorporates both an insulated roller shutter AND a high speed door. Two energy saving products in one unit.

During low/none traffic periods the insulated door can be closed to give the ultimate in heat and energy saving performance.

Our insulated shutters comprise of CFC free, foam filled lath which offer a thermal value of 3.9/m2k and include brush and rubber sealing. The shutter provides effective insulation properties suitable for both warm and cold conditions.

Insulated shutters also require less maintenance, have a higher wind loading and provide increased strength compared to standard roller shutters.

Available in a range of colours our insulated shutter is truly the most effective energy saving door for commercial premises and clearly demonstrates a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint.

During high traffic periods the opening and closing speed of your door plays an important role in energy conservation and traffic management. This is where our Combination Door solves these issues. The insulated door now remains in the open position and the high speed door takes on the role of controlling your traffic at opening speeds of 1.7 metres per second. Your high speed door can be activated by a choice of options including induction loop, movement detectors, remote control, pull cords etc.

In the event of accidental collisions the Amyco high speed door also includes our unique Easy Repair System (ERS - patent pending) which will reduce down time and call out charges which can often disrupt day to day business and causing unnecessary expense.

In conclusion the Amyco Combination Door is the ultimate energy saving and traffic control solution. Quite simply our Combination Door solves issues which affect nearly every industrial/commercial business.

If you are committed to reducing your carbon footprint, saving energy and improving your traffic control, then we doubt you will find a better solution than the Amyco Combination Door.