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Optical Safety Edge or Flexi-Edge System

Amyco’s unique Flexi-Edge System now eliminates the need for a traditional solid safety edge. Traditional solid safety edge designs can be susceptible to certain safety issues, for example side impact personnel injuries.

The Amyco Flexi-Edge System now provides the ultimate safety system, suitable for all internal Amyco high speed doors the system is easily installed, cost effective and probably the most effective safety solution available today. When it comes to the safety of your workforce personnel and visitors to your business premises you no longer have to compromise. The Flexi-Edge System gives you peace of mind and contributes to a safe working environment. Flexi- Edge is available now on all Amyco internal high speed doors.

Amyco High Speed Motor

Installation position: as wished
Solid housing made of cast aluminium
Low noise worm gears with hollow shaft
With integrated safety catch independent from rotary frequency and position
Diameter of hollow shaft: Ø 30 | 40
Bronze worm wheel resistant to heat

Three-phase AC motor: voltage able to be changed-over 3x230V/400V
Power supply FU 1x 230V/50Hz (up to 2,2kW FU) motor 3x230V
Power supply FU 3x 400V/50Hz (from 3kW FU) motor 3x400V
Duty cycle: S3-60% or S3-80% option
Thermal protection in the motor winding
Protection class IP 54
Electronic Limit Switch
2 operating limit switches, 1 pre-limit switch (automatic adjustment),
2 safety limit switches
The upper and lower final position is additionally equipped with change-over free contact
Additional change-over contact for red flashing lights
Connecting terminal for safety components
Range of limit switch for diameter of hollow shaft Ø 30 | 40 |

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