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Electro Remote Control Motors

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Electro Remote Control Motors

Electro galvanisation of metal is a process of corrosion protection. Another way of saying zinc
electroplated. The steel is immersed in an aqueous bath and electricity is used to induce electrolysis or
electroplating. The current ionises the solution and causes anodised zinc to form a plating on the steel. In contrast,
hot dip galvanizing is the simple process of dipping the subject in molten zinc. They provide completely different levels
of protection but for different purposes.

With respect to our remote control motors, electro galvanisation creates a layer of protection that ensures our high
speed doors, fast action doors and security shutters are operational for as long as you need. Through quality remote
control software, the operation of your security grilles and fast action door access. Through our electro remote
control motors, you are assured with absolute certainty that you will be running a reliable and stable operation.

Quiet and smooth operation with DC motors providing maximum convenience to a warehouse operating regular
deliveries and shipping throughout the day. Providing services to the UK marketplace and UK industries is a
daunting prospect in this current financial climate. Making your warehouse an efficient enterprise is what will
make the difference to your clients who expect rapid response, and quality service. Knowing that your
doors will open and close to maintain the proper routine and environment needed for your industry
will ensure that you can meet the requirements that will increase your profits.

Location and positioning of your electro remote door motor is key but we will help you ensure that it will
not disturb the existing environment that you are working in and will function perfectly well once
installed. Whether you take up steel doors, security grilles or fast action high speed doors,
we can cater to your needs with our rapid lead times and comprehensive pricing. Call
today for a free consultation and quote.