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Industrial Doors

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High Speed Doors

With High speed doors from Amyco you can't go wrong. We can cater to your needs with all
the available tools at our disposal to give you the solution you require be it Steel doors, Rapid roll doors or
high speed shutters. With rapid lead times and a skilled and efficient project team, we will manage your project
from start to finish ensuring that you receive the highest quality service.

What are high speed doors? High speed doors are ideal for areas where frequent through traffic is experienced and where
the control of temperature and air contamination is required. Power operated means that you can have a wall mounted
switch providing easy access for cargo and people. High speed doors are capable of dealing with harsh environmental

Industrial doors are more than just a separation of outside from inside. They are protection and security, energy
and cost savings, access and no access. By contacting us today, you will be ensuring that your security, savings
and accessibility are exactly where they should be at: the forefront of your business - the foundations to your